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Work on the Republic and the greater universe continues!

Zaibatsu sundog visiblink has setup an XMPP server for use by all users.

This is a really great idea, thanks to visiblink for setting that up. I've tested connections from the Republic to and they work great, using mcabber.

New user requests continue to come in. I added two more users yesterday to bring the total up to seven. I've updated the republic gopher homepage to reflect the new additions to the gopher-verse, and I'll also setup a moku-pona page similar to the one on the Zaibatsu to show recent updates, once more of the gopher holes start to be populated with updates.

On the email front, the republic now allows email (TLS on port 25 required) to and from the the bigger pubnix domains, including SDF (,,,, and, and of course internal email between any servers has always been allowed. This is thanks to Solderpunk's rework of the postfix config on the Zaibatsu.

My next priority is to update the user orientation and setup a shared VC repo so that interested users can assist in maintaining the help documents. I envision something similar to SDF's tutorials, albeit on gopher, not the www.

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