We got on the bus again... from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Zambujeira do Mar (6€ per person). When we arrived, we searched the tourist office and asked for a recommendation. She gave us the official brochure and so we went for one of the hotels listed. It was full. The second one had a room with a balcony for €35. Very nice! We decided to check for additional prices in town, and found a very nice lady that showed us some rooms above the supermarket, but the price was about the same, and there were no windows, just a Dachluke (a window in the roof). So we went back to the original pensão and took the room for the night.

The other beach As soon as we had our stuff dumped, we went off to search for the beach again. The beach just below the town had some people, but we spied a path rising on the next hill, probably leading to another beach, perhaps with even less people. And so it was! Down some steep steps into a second bay, with less people and better water.

Since Claudia was badly burnt from yesterday’s sunbathing, she had to wait fully dressed (full length white linen skirt, blouse with long sleeves, hair covered) while I explored the rocks until about five o’clock, when we considered it definitely safe to expose ourselves to the sun again. Sunburned

Strangely, some nudists think that when the beach is not below some town, they are free to walk about as naked as they want. So we enjoyed some naked Germans with sunglasses playing beachball, while we waited for the glaring sun to relent...


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