While waiting for the bus to São Teotónio, a small old man looking like a half-drunken gipsy came over and explained how there was no bus going to the town, how the only bus was at four or five in the morning, how he had a friend who would drive us, or where to catch a lift, etc. I was friendly, got shown to the main road leading out of town, but tried to prevent the old man from calling any relatives who might want to drive us. I was determined to take the bus. When the bus finally came, I asked the driver and all was as I had been told at the tourist information. Now suddenly the old man claimed that he had been saying this all along, and with a friendly exchange of words he left us. Shopping for food

We took the bus (€1.20 each), and waited in the café in São Teotónio for the next one, eating Portuguese pasteleria (various pastries) and drinking a bica (espresso) and pedras salgadas water (very salty mineral water). The next bus took us via Lagos to Portimão (€7.50 each); from there, we walked to Praia das Rochas along the river, then through a small field with drie grass and dusty dirt roads along a naval base or something, until we got to the marina. There we waited for an hour until finally the skipper of our ship arrived – Bernd of the Tartaruga.

He is a nice guy, German, lived in Portimão since around 1997 and every summer he goes sailing for three months, taking guests with him. The rate is 300€ per person and week.

Joel arrived a bit later, and we went shopping to buy food and water. We slept on the boat to get used to the soft swaying...


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