Alvor bay We sailed up river and back down, and finally we went on our first little trip: To the bay of Alvor, anchoring in the shallow waters of the bay, eating some amêijoas in a restaurant by the water... The clams are just cooked with some spices and lemon juice, nothing as fancy as Amêijoas à Alentejana [1].

We sailed back close to the coastline and had a look at the fantastic coastline – limestone twenty meters high, small beaches, tunnels and caves... This the kind of beaches I love. Unfortunately, we had no time to stop or put ashore. Next time I come here I have to find a way to get somebody to ferry us to these fantastic beaches and fetch us again when the sun starts to set.

At night, we usually cook on the ship. The ship is rather wide and I can stand upright in the middle of all the (four) rooms.

At night we drink a cup of italian espresso with some ’’Ol’ Navy Rum’’ Bernd bought in Gibraltar. Joel loves it and he really wants to stop in Gibraltar on our way back to buy some for himself. (In fact, he will buy three bottles when we get there...)

Usually Bern cooks and we do the dishes We usually keep talking for an hour or two before going to bed Bernd pours the Rum after dinner


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