Wake up!  Dolphins! We left at 15:00, aiming for Tanger! We sailed for 24h – everybody taking turns at the wheel, 2h each. This is beautiful but boring! The sky is glittering with stars, the milky way shines, reflections on the calm waters – is no wind blowing at night, and a big moon up in the sky and a line of dancing moonlight reflections leading from the ship towards it. The engine humms – or roars, rather – and we make our 6 knots as usual (about 11 km/h). The engine stirrs the water, activating the plancton which gives off a shimmering silver light – is it blue or green or just white but faint, nobody can tell. It seems to dance at the edge of your vision. On the horizont two or three small glimmering lights blinking from time to time – other yachts crossing the bay of Cadiz, occasionally an eerie christmast-tree crosses our way: cruise ships with multiple decks, all illuminated by thousands of lamps. And the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem to advance in minuscule steps...

In the early morning hours, Bernd calls us: Dolphins! Dolpins up ahead! – groggily, we get up and stumble on deck. Dolphins! Two, no three, five – ten, no it must have been around fifty! They race along the ship, jump up, and in the distance, the sun rises like an orange-red ball of glowing coal. The dolphins stay with us for a few minutes, and then they fall behind and disappear.


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