Yesterday two other European ships arrived – one French, one Italian. This morning, the French tried to leave but could not get their anchor up. They heaved. They cursed. The circled. They called for help. A diver arrived. Another diver arrived. It took hours before they could leave.

Moroccan coast

We left later that day and sailed for the Spanish enclave Ceuta. The trip was uneventful and we arrived early. The harbor was full, so we had to wait some time before being able to moor. Claudia and Joel went shopping in the meantime, and when the time had come, I was alone in helping Bernd get the boat into place. The Spaniards gave us an awkward lot, with the wind blowing us across towards the neighbouring boat. Bernd did two spiraling pirouettes, spinning the boat in the right direction and sending it slowly into position. Other sailors had noticed the problem and climbed their boats, nervously watching the maneuver, ready to help keep the boats appart. With the help of two or three other people, we managed. It was a fantastic experience.

We ate at the Chinese restaurant overlooking the marina.

Having fun Sunset


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