Trafalgar up close

Today we will sail for Santi-Petri... Our motor has problems, so we have to stop in Barbateagain!

Later in the afternoon we decide to force it and to sail for Santi-Petri. This time we’d take the inside way between the coast-line and the big Trafalgar riff to save us two hours or more (remember, the riff extends 10km out into the sea). Here, close to the coast, we always have min. 3m of water below the ship. It is close, but we can do it. After one hour, we passed the riff and are in safe waters again. And the wind picks up again.

After 6h and puking 13×, I have finally decided – once and for all – that sailing is not for me.

Not feeling well Getting worse

It is dark now, and cold. The constant sea-sickness has made me weak and my legs shake uncontrollably as I sit in the darkness by the railing. I’ll kiss any four-wheeled vehicle coming my way. Claudia puts a blankets around my shoulder and another one on my legs. She’s worried and it shoes. I’m close to tears.


Very sexy man :)

– Anonymous 2009-02-16 21:30 UTC

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