In Sevilla! Time for some travelling on four wheels! Ahh... how nice! We took the bus at 11 o’clock from Cadiz to Sevilla (€9.32 each) and arrived there at the Prado bus station about 45min later. The next bus was supposed to leave from the Plaza de Armas bus station, as we found out by asking around. How nice! We’d just walk through town from one bus station to the other and see what there is to see on the way.

On the way here we had seen broad beautiful streets with wonderful vilas. After a while we noticed that these buidlings had really fancy architecture and decoration, and on some of them we found the names of countries. This must have been the country pavillions of the Expo...

We crossed a big street on the way to the center which a friendly man at the bus station had pointed out to us, and came to a long and narrow park, the Jardin de Murillo [1]. We walked through it and entered the barrio de Santa Cruz.

Cathedral is too big to fit Broad streets By the river Vila Real de Stº António

(to be continued)

At 16:30 we took the bus from Sevilla to Huelva, and continued a few minutes later in another bus to Vila Real de Stº António, where we met our friends at the marina.


The sea is taking its toll... ... back to normal!  (*phew*)


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