We sailed from Tavira to Faro. The wind grew less in the afternoon and we had to use the motor to get to Faro. We anchored in the winding water arms of the marsh-like coast, let the dinghy down and hopped on board. It took us about a quarter of an hour to get to the small marina – first you follow the arm leading the harbor walls, then you go through a small tunnel under the railroad, before finally reaching the small harbor.

We went ashore, walked through the tourist areas, into the old town, took a look around... I was astonished; I had imagined Faro to be industrial, or crowded, or banlieue – more cheap ten story buildings forming an ugly suburb... But the old town is remained very traditional, and the surrounding quarters also look very nice. I guess the major drawback is that there is no good beach close-by.

Our money troubles continued, by the way: Whenever we inserted our Swiss EC cards into the multibanco machines, we were told about some “connection problem” and asked to take back the card. No money.

We ate dinner at the harbor restaurant, the restaurant of the clube naval of Faro. I paid with my credit card and Bernd gave me his share in cash, so we at least had a few Euros to buy ice-cream with. :)

Dinner was about €15 per person, which was a bit expensive considering that we all had just one dish, an açorda de gambas – some traditional soup or more accuratly an old bread stew, with shrimps. It looked like dog-food or like the stuff I puked from the ship a few days ago, but it tasted ok... The funny thing was that I never remember eating or even seeing an açorda from my former times in Portugal. I guess my parents never ordered it back then.


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