Breakfast at an old and famous café – Café Nicola [1]. We met a young waiter who suddenly switched to German and then to Swiss German after hearing me discuss the possibility of something to drink with lemon flavor with Claudia – it turns out he was born in Zürich and grew up there! He also asked me wether I was Portugese or not, and so I am confident that my accent cannot be all that bad. ;)

We met my mom and the kids in Belém and took a look at Jerónimos from the outside, at the cultural center, and then we went to do what we came here to do: Eat Portuguese seafood in one of the restaurants and then to eat some pastéis de natas [2] at the café and bakery here that specializes in them, calling them (and the café itself) Pastéis de Belém. The café is famous, old, huge, and good. [3]

Later that night we returned, and once again I didn’t feel like eating Portugese seafood... We decided to go and check out the other Indian restaurant on our street (see 2003-07-26), Indian Curry. It wasn’t as good as Jaipur, and it was full of tourists, but at the end we were happy, stuffed, and once again it only cost €30. In Switzerland you can go to Pizza Hut for this money. And that’s about it. ;)


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