2004-07-02 Iraq

Worst of both worlds: TelePolis writes [1] that the new Iraqi security rounds up people, beats them, hoods them, shackles them, ... When challenged, “They are evil people, but at least we don’t strip them, photograph them, and rape them, like you did...” Ugh! >{

So if the US leaves and the new regime is cruel, they waged war to supplant an evil regime with another evil regime. If they stop the new regime, then they didn’t hand over sovereignty after all. Hell’s kitchen... They conclude that even more people will be disappointed by politics...

Telepolis has an interview with Kai Hafez, where he discusses the deterioration of Al-Jazeera:

“... unbestritten droht Al-Dschasira von einer arabischen BBC zu einem arabischen Fox News zu werden.” [2]

→ From an Arabic BBC to an Arabic Fox News. :(

The real good news is that prisoners in Guantánamo can go to court in the USA! [3] Well done! :) At last, there is one unlawful zone less where prisoners can be stripped of all their rights.

In the words of Christa Wolf: “What use is there in fighting an enemy, if, in order to win, you have to turn into somebody just like him?”



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