2005-01-09 Movies

Saw the House of Flying Daggers yesterday (IMDB:0385004). When one of the men kills the woman he loves because she wants to join somebody else, I was glad to see that the other man could hardly believe what he had heard. Jealousy is such a strange thing. The story is ok, not too involved, the cinematography oppulent, colorful, not as stringent as in Hero – it reminded me of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Saw Infernal Affairs today (IMDB:0338564). Two moles: a mole in the police department and an undercover cop in the gang, each trying to discover who the other is. Well done. Until the very last scene, I was unsure of where the main characters were going to end up. I noticed Kelly Chen as psychologist and thought she looked very beautiful.

This month is Maggie Cheung special at the Xenix here in Zürich. I must go and see some movies. I first noticed her in the Wong Kar-Wei movie I like so much: In the Mood for Love. I’m really looking forward to seeing 2046 (IMDB:0212712).

Later tonight I went to see As Tears Go By (IMDB:0096461), Wong Kar-Wei’s first movie. There is the beginning of a love that is not to be, one of the typical elements of his movies, and there are typical shots, but the colors are not the typical colors of later movies, the atmosphere is less dream-like, and the story is much weaker. In fact, the story is too week for a full feature. There are only a few key elements – escape to the country side, younger brother getting himself into trouble, older brother getting him out again. No twists, no side-plots. Totally linear, and aesthetically not as convincing as later movies.



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