2005-02-06 Software

Thinking about an Apple mini or an Apple iBook 12”. They look sexy. And I need something to take along to conferences or workshops. I need a way to make presentations and demonstrate Oddmuse. I’d love to buy a 2nd hand Apple iBook 12” for USD 500 or CHF 700 or less. And I’d like the seller to live in Zürich, Zug, Luzern, Baden, or Bern – places I visit regularly. Any ideas? :)

I’d love to buy an Apple mini for at home, but I recenly bought this other machine in parts and assembled it myself. I think I have an emotional bond, now... In a few years, perhaps.

I wonder how hard it will be to get a webserver and Perl with some CPAN modules running on the iBook.

Any serious recommendationd against an Apple iBook 12” as a secondary sytem for occasional use? I don’t mind low-rez because my desktop also uses 1024x768 on a 15” monitor. I just bought the smallest and cheapest one available and I am very happy with it.

Will it be difficult to share files between the SlackWare desktop and the iBook?



I have an iBook.

The iBook really is an ordinary Unix machine with a spiffy GUI on top. The webserver comes preinstalled, as well as Perl and Python. Even a CLI Emacs is there. So you should have no problems installing an oddmuse. There’s also http://fink.sf.net which gives you a plethora of unix software.

Moving files between the iBook and my Linux server is just as you’d expect, ssh or rsync or unison or whatever.

HTH, Dirk

– DirkBernhardt 2005-02-07 04:53 UTC

Thanks for the reassurance. :) I think I will buy the 12” iBook...

AlexSchroeder 2005-02-07 15:46 UTC

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