2005-02-11 Gadgets

Do you have any experience with software upgrades on Mac OSX?

Today I deinstalled Microsoft Office Test Drive for Mac. It was a 30 day trial version – kind of like shareware with nag features. It was strange to see Microsoft so similar to shareware. I also looked at Apple Works for presentations for a few seconds. Must give it another look.

Started fiddling with my doc; added memos, simple text editor, terminal (for IRC), Sherlock (no use yet, but maybe translations later?). Removed iDvds, iMovies, iTunes, GarageBand. Not sure whether I’ll keep iCal.

I will have to buy wifi for my home. A router that allows me to connect both ethernet for the desktop and my Mac via wifi? I can’t read the marketdroid speak on their AirPort Express page. I think I need the base station since the iBook already comes with the card itself. And I don’t need the Extreme variant because I don’t want 50 clients. ;)

Time passes.

Ok, got AirPort Express Base Station and I am online. The assistants can’t configure the stations, how weird. Not the same version of the software. I will download the software and firmware upgrades available from the AirPort Express page.

Time passes.

Configuration done. After the configuration a reboot was necessary. Is this still necessary these days!? I think the Express supports several computers on the network. Maybe I should try buying a wireless card for my desktop anyway. It would mean one cable less.

After the reboot, my iTunes started up. I hadn’t used it before. First thing once it starts up: iTunes is not available in your country, yet. Hey, do they have a P2P plugin? ;)

Well, I decided to give it a try anyway, saw that they had free songs available, and wanted to download it. Heh. Need a Mac account. Ok, start typing. Uh-oh, country is hard-coded to “United States” but the rest of the address is Swiss... Well, don’t see a way to avoid that. Next... Credit card!? I don’t want to buy! Can’t leave it empty either. Grrrr...

Oh and somehow it realized that a new version was available (I think the only benefit being the support if the iPod Shuffle thing...) – so I installed it. Now that I want to start it, it needs a new QuickTime... Hm...

Click on Software upgrade... 7 new packages... ARGH!

On the other hand, listening to readio streams is working, and sending them to the AirPort Express Base Station works, and connecting the bases station to my stereo worked as well. So now I have the iTunes stuff coming out of the stereo in the living room. Wireless. Cool. :)



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