2005-07-12 Podcast

I’m listening to Morning Coffee Notes by Dave Winer – on the one side it is horrible because of the lousy quality – he’s driving and talking and rambling and repeating himself... And yet I’m still strangely fascinated. I liked the one where he links podcasting to DRM [1], for example. Interesting story starting with his Lotus 1-2-3 career and his experience with copy protection on software...

I very much enjoyed the Word Nerds.

I’m trying to listen to the Medieval Studies podcast. I’m interested in the time for two reasons:

  1. When I was younger and played Roleplaying Games, I was fascinated by melee weapons, knights in armour (I was very impressed by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon, ISBN 3596282225), siege engines, etc.
  2. After reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire), I realized how roman history slowly turns into medieval history.

I’m really enjoying the intro to 12 Byzantine Rulers. More history podcast power! Yay! 🙂



Earlier blogposts mentioning “podcast” aren’t too useful these days:

  1. 2005-04-06 Radio has a link to a how-to that is no longer available
  2. 2005-07-07 Music links to a podcast that is no longer available
  3. 2005-07-10 links to recommendations that are no longer available

– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-10 13:59 UTC

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