2005-11-12 India

There’s a cinema on M. G. Road, and above the cinema is Ullas restaurant. We had breakfast, there. Our first contact with south Indian cooking: Idli and some sort of fried donut whose name I forgot. See Wikipedia:Idli for pics and background.

Our diary, four or five lines per day We returned to Ullas a few more times, later.

The shopping center here in Bangalore has Swiss chocolate – Toblerone. Chocolate, shampoo, Gillette razor blades are much cheaper than in Switzerland. I bought a new razor and some blades at the airport in Zürich because I had forgotten to bring them along. I must have spent about CHF 40 (more than INR 1000) on that useless piece of plastic and steel. On the entire trip I shaved exactly once.

My stomach is a bit nervous, I eat very little.

We go shopping for shoes (leather sandals to go along with my Sherwani, fancy sandals to go along with Claudia’s Sari). Alok and Jenny are coming along. We also go shopping for more material: Some chiffon, then off to the “matcher” to find matching cotton material for a blouse for Claudia’s friend, and we visit the tailor again. We also buy Bangles (very thin bracelets worn in large numbers).

On the way home we see big bats or what we call “flying dogs” in German – Flughunde. See Wikipedia:Megabat or Wikipedia:Flughund. One of them either shat on my head or shook something loose when it landed in the tree above me which fell on my head. At least it was try. :

If you’re wondering how we remembered all these names and details, take a look at the kind of diary we kept while travelling: About four or five lines of notes per day and the pictures help us remember...



The place is called Ullas (no possessive). Ullas means joy in Kannada.

AlokSingh 2005-12-05 07:01 UTC

fried donuts are called medu-wada.

– Anonyme 2005-12-05 15:32 UTC

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