My computers have the names of bumblebee subgenera: Confusibombus is my GNU/Linux box (using SlackWare these days), and Alpinobombus is my laptop (using Mac OS 10.3.9 aka. Panther at the moment – I don’t feel like upgrading to Tiger).

What’s your NamingScheme?

On the EmacsChannel:

19:51 enberg
mine are named after Jamaican musicians
19:51 johnsu01
I use the names of poets, starting with the New York School


Oh, I’ve used all sorts of schemes. One company I used to work for still has servers I named after the Seven Dwarves. Oddly, the servers seemed to take on the characteristics of their name. “Grumpy” was the mailserver, and was very tempermental. “Happy” trundled along without complaint. Six of them were Li/Unix boxen, one a Windows NT system. That one was “Dopey”, of course.

Another set of boxes are named after the Four Musketeers, cartoon characters starting with Tom and Jerry, working all the way through the Flintstones and beyond. My favourites were Yogi and Boo Boo the DNS servers) and Girl’s Names From Songs.

My current boxen have a mixture of names; my main server is “Henry”, because my son loves Thomas the Tank Engine and it was originally a part of a collection of train-themed machines. My XP box is called Wildcat after a stereotypical superherione from a role-playing game. The other boxes are named after French kings, D&D creatures (Umberhulk is the mail server) and artists. “Picasso” is the file server for our photographs.

Security through obscurity? What’s that? :)

GreyWulf 2005-12-10 20:11 UTC

We at search.ch use Ikea furniture names right now, such as askedal, beslut, ... We use the alphabetical order as well and are at the second turn of the alphabet :-) At the beginning we took names from the James Bond as moneypenny and similar. But we had soon not enough names, so we switch to Ikea some time ago.

2ni 2005-12-12 10:30 UTC

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