2006-01-14 Gadgets

Years ago, the CD player of my Denon D-G1MD broke down. I liked that little system because it had a MD player built-in, and at the time I really believed in Minidiscs. I felt the MP3 players were forcing me to waste even more time at the computer.

The replacement I bought was the Kenwood HM-DV7, which integrated DVD playback, but had a country code (in Switzerland these are not mandatory, so I was a fool for not buying it). Plus the technical gadget to simulate surround sound + subwoofer made for terrible sound quality when listening to music. And it had a lousy radio. I hated it. It ended up in the cellar. (You want it?)

I decided to replace the replacement system with a Sony DVP-NS590P. Code-free. It didn’t have an amplifier, so I hooked it up to the old Denon system. Since I wanted to listen to CDs with the system, I had to do that. It also meant that when I wanted to watch a movie, I had to either fiddle with the cables, or use the stereo. With both speakers to the right of the monitor, that spoilt half the stereo effects.

It also meant I had nowhere to hook up my Airport Base Station: When streaming music from my iBook, I had to fiddle with the cables again. I ended up not doing it.

All this time, I had my old, trusty other Denon D-F88 system in my bedroom: UPA-F88 amplifier, UTU-F88 tuner, UCD-F88 CD player, and UDR-F88 tape deck. It had good sound, worked, and was in good shape. And it had two free inputs: DVD/AUX and MD. I didn’t buy the MD component at the time – I bought that system before MD was my solution to timeshifting radio shows!

Anyway, I decided that I needed to shift the D-F88 into the living room so that I could hook up the Airport Base Station and possibly a portable MD or MP3 player. Being able to listen to CDs via that system, I could connect the Sony DVD player to the TV entirely.

Now I just needed a new system for the bedroom. It should be small, and simple. I rarely listen to music in the bedroom. Often it’s just radio anyway. I don’t need an integrated alarm clock. I used to use the D-F88 system as an alarm clock for years, but that was during my time at university.

I decided that a Tivoli Model One was stylish enough, small enough, and simple enough for me. It had one AUX jack for my MP3 player should I need it. No stereo required, and no CDs. Models two and three do that.

I like it. :)



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