2006-06-17 Australia abandoning Geneva Conventions

TelePolis reports that Australia will not treat prisoners made in Afghanistan as prisoners of war according to the Geneva Conventions. Just like the USA and Canada, Australia will treat these people as “enemy combatants”.

The evil is spreading.

I wonder: If they are not prisonsers of war, and not prisoners according to Austrialian common law, nor prisoners of Afghan civil law: What are they? Pieces of living flesh, at the mercy of their captors: They will be treated humanely, one hears. But clearly humane treatment is not a right that is to be defended at court. It’s a present, a reward for cooperation and the licking of boots.

Of course terrorists don’t take prisoners of war, either. But if we lower ourselves to their standard, what the fuck are we fighting for?

Not yet. Not yet. And not if we can prevent it, I hope.



Well said. It’s absolutely outrageous that countries are detaining people indefinitely.

MichaelOlson 2006-06-17 23:55 UTC

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