2006-09-04 Radio Nuclear

My Squeezebox makes me explore InternetRadio again. One interesting procedure to find new radio stations is to go to ShoutCast and search for “Radiohead”. Somehow I often like the stations that play Radiohead. Today I found RadioNuclear – “former pirate radio station 88.3 FM Ottawa 104.9 FM Toronto, Ontario Canada”.

Funny, they have a MySpace page [1] and Thom Yorke is their friend. And you can can read his profile [2], and you’ll see that Radiohead itself also has a profile – but that seems to be a user in Beirut :D – and you’ll see the Sigur Rós page [3].

And that reminds me: I should get a Sigur Rós album... As I listen, they’re playing something containing a sample of a woman talking about little fluffy clouds. And it sent a shiver down my spine! Where had I heard it before? And I was not imagining things. It is a famous sample: Wikipedia:Little Fluffy Clouds. I mean... “They went on forever!” I took a look at my hidden shelf where I keep all the CDs I no longer listen to and found my favorite CD from days gone by: “Logic Trance 2”, where track #2 on CD 1 was Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb. Except that I’m currently listening to a different remix. I prefer the one on my CD. :)

Anyway, my current list of favorites on the Squeezebox:

  1. BBC World Service
  2. PerreoRadio
  3. BigUpRadio
  4. RadioNuclear
  5. RadioTropic93
  6. DavidByrne



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