2006-09-16 Radio killed CDs

James Gattuso at the TechnologyLiberationFront writes about a New York Times article claiming “Americans aged 12-24 in fact listen to broadcast radio as startling 15 percent less than they did only seven years ago.” [1] Looking at declining CD sales at the same time (need a link to some numbers, I faintly remember reading something about CDs being significantly down, as much as 50% this year), I made a strange observation. I used to buy several CDs a month from a Swiss website. I haven’t done so in many months. What happened? I’m afraid to use PeerToPeer filesharing. Instead, I’ve started listening to InternetRadio. Using StreamRipper, I have collected vast collections of MP3s at home and at work. Enough to last me through the year. And with the new SqueezeBox in my kitchen, InternetRadio doesn’t even require a computer up and running. It just connects to the net via our OpenWlan.

And in my bedroom, I have a little Tivoli Model One unit playing RadioTropic93... ;)



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