2006-11-16 Ayutthaya

We took an organized tour to Ayutthaya and looked at a few temples. As you can see from the WikiTravel page, there are tons of tempels to visit, and we saw but three of them. We started with Wat Yai Chaimonkorn where we saw the reclining Buddha (no pictures), the courtyard with the many Buddha statues (no pictures), and the big Chedi, then we drove to Wat Phra Si Sanphet, looked at the big Buddha inside the double roof house, and then at the ruins of the old city.

Next, the bus drove us back to the winter- or summerpalace in Bang Pa-In. It had a very nice looking Chinese house, a museum showing the interior of buildings in Western style (not too interesting for us), and a few buildings that were closed to the public. The guide suggested we take Golf buggies to get around. They cost 400฿, which was a total rip-off. Don’t do it.

We drove down to Ayutthaya with a bus (had to get up at 6:00!), and returned on a ship. I don’t recommend the cruise – it’s still hot, I find ship cruises boring, and I think I would have preferred to see more Wats in Ayutthaya, now that I know how much I missed. I admit that the pictures of our approach to Bangkok might look impressive. But the fact remains that it was a boring cruise. I’m too young for this kind of thing!

In the evening back in Bangkok we went to see The Banquet (2006). I sort of liked it, even though I could not explain the source of the last dagger in the final scene. The gore was too much for Claudia. She was expecting something like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). What she got was a story were everybody dies and every swordfight involves spraying blood and evil blades. (Somehow, Claudia has a strong aversion against blade weapons. I don’t know why.)

When we got out, we realized that there is practically no food to be had in Bangkok after 22:00 and thus we ordered California rolls and pizza at the hotel lounge. The pizza was ok, but there’s better Sushi to be had in Zürich.



How long were you in Thailand ? You don’t seem to have traveled around as much as you did when you were here :)

AlokSingh 2006-11-27 09:30 UTC

Hehe. Definitely not as busy as in India! :) We spent nine nights in Bangkok, and we stayed in the same hotel all the time.

AlexSchroeder 2006-11-27 11:04 UTC

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