2006-11-18 Chatuchak Weekend Market

Today is a Saturday. Time for the Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Well, to tell you the truth, we got up late, ate breakfast, slept some more, went to the pool, and then we went to the weekend market; we took the Skytrain at about 15:00. We didn’t buy anything but we noted tea sets (well, I did), little porcelain elephants to hold salt and pepper, Japanese style straw sandals, trousers Claudia wanted to use for her dancing, funny T-shirts, elephant pouches, and Chinese lions. When we came back, it was still hot.

Chatuchak (or Jatujak) market is along Pahon Yothin Road – we used to live around here from 1989 to 1991: Soi Ari 5! But we didn’t get off at Aree station because I was already tired.

When we came back, we changed clothes, rested for a bit, and decided to go back to the MK Restaurant for some Suki. It poured! Our only confrontation with a tropical downpour. We borrowed an umbrella from the bell captain at the reception and went anyway. MK was full of students again, so we had to wait. This time we knew what we had to order and we loved it. It cost 286฿. Then we went to Starbucks and ordered two Tofee Nut Latte, Butter Scones, and a Butter Fly Biscuit. That already cost 305฿, however. Amazing!

Soon after we went to the Hardrock Café. They had just finished building it when I was about to leave in 1991, so I only remember coming once or twice. Getting in cost 500฿ for the two of us, with the first drink included. The day just kept getting more expensive. :) Two extra Colas at the end of the day cost 195฿.

These guys must have understood all the Make Money Fast emails I kept deleting a few years ago... :)



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