2007-03-18 Adventures in Fairhill

I started running CrucibleOfFreya, as planned! :) (2007-03-07 Necromancer Games)

Claudia runs Corian, Galdar, and Phelps, three pregenerated characters (PDF) for the (revised) Wizard’s Amulet available from Necromancer GamesFree Stuff page. She had run six of them through the Wizard’s Amulet a few weeks ago and liked it. (Personally, I did not like it. The first encounter looks very much like a filler, and the second encounter has a magic user, animated undead, and thugs with ranged weapons. I was afraid to run it on anything but “easy”.)

Her friend runs the two pregenerated characters Belflin and Krel, and a character we created today – the druid Auroleva. Creating the character took quite some time, but I was surprised to find that the two enjoyed character creation very much. :) 👌

April 30

On their way to Fairhill, Phelps managed to spot the three orcs hiding behind a rock on the hillside to their left and the party hid just in time. They waited behind trees and rocks for several rounds, and the orcs kept shooting and shouting insults such as “Cabbage heads! Pumpkin seeds!” Then the players decide to shoot back. Auroleva uses her short bow, and Corian sends two magic missiles, doing max damage in both rounds and slaying two of the orcs.

The third orc turns to run with Belflin and Krel hot in pursuit. Belflin knows how to track the orc and Krel speaks orcish. They see the orc disappear in the forest, follow him to a little stream, and see him taking cover. Belflin tries to sneak up on him, but at the last moment he steps on some dried leaves. The orc whips around, raises his axe and snarls: “Prepare to die, dirty elf!” But Belflin just ducks, moves in, and smacks him with the flat side of his longsword across the head. Yay for non-lethal damage! The orc collapses.

As Krel interrogates the orc, the players learn the location of the keep, they learn that Tavik is looking for something in the ruined keep, and that Kren and his orcs are planning to attack Fairhill soon. During the interrogation, the captured orc tried to convince Krel to join their cause and get rid of the rotten elf, begged for mercy, and offered to join them.

Next session, we’ll see what to do with the prisoner.




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