2007-05-07 Encumbrance

I like Delta’s rules for encumbrance based on stones, where 1 st. = 14 lb. (Then again, I really hate carrying capacity limits in Oblivion.)

Right now we’re not using encumbrance at all. So let’s see. The following gives your base carrying capacity. To this, you can add your STR bonus.

Movement st.
Half 20
Normal 10
Double 5
Run (× 4) 0

And here’s how much stuff weights:

Stuff st.
Plate 5
Chain 3
Leather 2
Shield 1
Heavy Weapon 1
Light Weapon
150 coins 1
Backpack etc. 1

Heavy weapons include polearms and bludgeoning weapons; light weapons include any other weapon that isn’t small (dagger, sling).

Let’s take an existing character from one of my games: Kyoshi has STR 16, has metal armor giving him AC +7 or more qualifying as “Plate” (5 st.); he carries a katana, a wakizashi, and a yumi (1 st.), a flail (1 st.), a shield (1 st.), between 150 and 300 coins (2 st.), and an extra suit of plate armor he found (5 st.). Total: 15 st. His carrying capacity is 13 st. Thus, he has to move at half speed. As soon as he drops the extra plate armor, he’s back to normal again. He can’t run in his armor, but he can move at double speed wearing his armor and carrying his katana, wakizashi, yumi, and backpack (8 st. total).



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