2007-07-23 Player Types

I just read the pages three to six of Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering by Robin D. Laws. It talks about Player Types and lists them:

I think I qualify for Storyteller. When I prepare sessions that I’ve written myself, I usually plan to do plot development via roleplay at the beginning, leading up to a fight or two. I try to balance these two elements over two or three session arcs at the most. Thus, if a session was almost all about an intrigue, then then there will be a big fight and some form of resolution the next session, or the session after that.

Within a story arc of three or four sessions, there will be a number of hooks that offer players an in-game choice of how to continue the game. (I’d love to play much longer mini-campaigns and adventure paths in the future.) As an example: The players fought the orcs at Eralion’s castle in CrucibleOfFreya. The orc leader escaped and was not tracked. Random encounters alerted the players to the fact that there were gnolls in the area and they expressed interest in pursuing this. So instead of leading them to Tomb of Abysthor and more orcs and evil clerics, I’m leading them against the gnolls in TheDistraction. This allows players to determine the future of the campaign in-character.

I took Law’s Game Style quiz, and it confirmed my Storyteller type. This also effects my DM style: I don’t mind meta-gaming at all, if it makes for a better story! Conversely, I have to work on better tactics of my minions, and how to provide my method acting players with more opportunity for internal turmoil. ;)

Looking at Georgios’ GM Types (the original in German: Georgios Spielleiter-Typen), I guess I’m “Director” first and “Provider” second. I do like the occasional “Plotmeister” session. I used to be a “World Builder”.

If you want to see how other people play, check out the EN World thread What is ‘normal’ for you?

Update: The only quantitative analysis ever, apparently: Breakdown of RPG Players.



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