2007-07-28 More Roleplaying Game Podcasts

Some time ago I wrote that I was listening to the official D&D Podcast. I’ve been adding to that list since then. 🙂

I think I should listen to some of the Podcasts nominated for the ENnies 2007. So what I’ll do is subscribe and a few weeks down the line we’ll see what remains on the list.

For a while I listened to Master Plan.



Something I listen to: http://www.rpg-radio.de/

– madalex 2007-07-29 15:12 UTC

I listen to all of those and more (quite a few more, actually - by my last count, I regularly check and pretty much listen to about 60 podcasts, but I am damaged, so don’t mind me) and I have found them to be great shows, full of awesome advice and excellent entertainment. Have Games, Will Travel is fantastic to get you introduced to a bunch of new games and Pulp Gamer, with three different “shows”/segments, should have something that you like. I like Master Plan, but then again, I am very much into game design.

Let me do my pimping here and suggest my show, The Gamer Traveler, as the weirdest and most unique gaming podcast out there.

To find a lot more shows to sample, check out http://www.RPGPodcasts.com.

And on behalf of the rest of the community, thanks for listening!

Daniel M. Perez
Highmoon Media Productions
The Gamer Traveler Podcast
The Digital Front Podcast

2007-08-31 12:31 UTC

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