2007-09-02 Campaign Start

We started ShackledCity today! :D :)

I think the campaign got off to a good start. Here’s what I had the players do in addition to character creation:

  1. I prepared a player’s guide (PDF) with some background for the local players. These days, all adventure paths seem to come with a player’s guide, but Shackled City was one of the first, and it didn’t come with a player’s guide. If you look around at RPGenius and google around, you’ll find tons of material that you can remix into a personalized guide for your players.
  2. In addition to preparing a character, players had to name a friend or relative that they had a strong relationship with. This other person would be their backup, their contact, and their ally in times of emergency.
  3. The players also had to explain why they were about to adventure with at least two other characters in the group. This was to prevent the group from being pulled appart at the very beginning, and to hopefully provide for some interesting in-group roleplay elements.

It made for an interesting constellations.

I love it.



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