2007-09-17 Meiji

We went to the Yoyogi park, looked at the Meji shrine, imperial treasures, ate our lunch at the park restaurant and liked it (Udon noodles, Inari-Sushi, and a bento box with some smoked fish, grilled egg plant, and rice), we looked at the weird rebel kids in their strange clothes, walked along Omote-Sandō, saw crowds and crowds and crowds, went home, slept for two hours, tried to get up for another hour, got up, and looked for Salsa in Tokyo!! Yeah, it was not my idea. We went to Leon’s Salsa Club in Shinjuku 5-17-6, B1.

The absolutely best book to find your way here is the Tokyo City Atlas: A Bilingual Guide published by Kodansha.

They liked our dancing. We got an invitation to a Salsa competition on 2007-09-30. But we won’t be staying that long. I also got to dance with the instructor. Something I never get to do in Switzerland. ;)

Years ago I tried to learn Japanese by myself. I knew about 200 kanji and had made quite some progress in my little book. I took it along, but I hardly find the time to study. I guess that makes sense. Anyway. 肉を食べません。大丈夫です。Or something like that.



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