2007-10-14 Ragamuffins

“Evil cultists are abducting people and sacrificing them to an evil god who has two heads and tentacles for arms.” – just a rumor

Today is September 4, 680 years after the foundation of Cauldron.

Two more players joined the party: Stone the gaunt rogue “between jobs” and Wim the gnomish delver “entrepreneur”.

Wim is known for his clean-up jobs: Sewers, cellars, secret caves under your wine cellar, he has seen them all and disposed of rats, monstrous vermin and a kobold or two. It seems that he lives either close to Borg’s former shop, or that he worked for the Gorunn family before. And he has also worked with Zacharias’ father before: The undertaker is slightly risk-averse and likes his crypts to be undead-free with a money back guarantee. I guess the party liked him because he could read the gnomish runes they had found.

And gnomes seem to be well connected. They say that “Keygan Ghelve is one of the finest locksmiths in the world. Only a skilled rogue or spellcaster could bypass one of his locks without the proper key!” And Wim has connections to Skie Aldersun who runs Skie’s Treasury. Unfortunately she was unwilling to buy the grey bag of tricks for fear of the vanishing curse. Zach ended up using it. And as suspected, it was infected with the vanishing. At the beginning of the next session he gets to make his first DC 15 Fortitude save...

Unfortunately I don’t remember Stone’s connections to the party. I still need connections to two player characters and a backup/support character.

The party made a foray into Jazidrune on September 4 and another one on September 5. Three common raggamoffyns (Monster Manual II) were fought and bested. I wondered about the name of these creatures. There’s some more info on the Wikipedia page for Ragamuffin.

A broken and a whole drilling construct was found, and a new key to the gear doors was found as well. The choker remained out of sight.

The party noticed a certain lack of healing spells and decided to invest some gold in a half-charged Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

I think I know Aria’s family connection, now: She is related to the Aslaxin nobles; they run the Coy Nixie, her father owns vineyards in the surrounding hills, and a cousin of hers called Zachary Aslaxin II seems to have had some success with his own band of adventurers called “The Stormblades”. Apparently they cleared out a cave of kobolds or something of the sort.


Challenges overcome:

Level 1 & 2: 1350+2*900+600 ⇒ 3750 6 = 625 per person

Current XP:

Aria: 1025 + 625 = 1650 (Clr-1/Ftr-1)

Borg: 975 + 50 + 625 = 1650 (Ftr-2)

Fenyael: 975 + 625 = 1600 (Sor-2)

Zacharias: 975 + 625 = 1600 (Sor-2)

Stone: 625 (Rog-1)

Wim: 625 (Rgr-1)



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