2007-11-04 Drilling Machines

On the first day, the party recovered for spells and Zacharias discovered that he had contracted the Vanishing curse as he failed his saving throw and lost six points of charisma. We’re lucky it didn’t hit a PC who used Charisma as a dump stat... Zach went to St. Cuthbert’s church and asked Urikas for a Remove Curse and 2 × Lesser Restoration. Urikas healed him but obviously expected a grateful donation for the miraculous restoration. As it seems, Zacharias was either poor or stingy and she’ll keep an eye on him. Only the just shall find repose in St. Cuthbert’s shadow!

On the second day, the party explored Jzadirune some more, and managed to find a rich loot of small chainmail armor they were able to sell. The Wand of Cure Light Wounds also proved to be an excellent investment as dark creepers kept hiding in shadows and dealing sneak attack damage. On the plus side the party now pretty much knows where the elevator is, and they have found the part of the enclave that has been barricaded.

The conversation with the Mimic guarding Gehlve’s familiar was also quite funny as soon as we had decided that Fenyael’s missing bonus language was in fact Underdark.

The party also fought a medium spider hiding in an illusionary bath and shot two small spiders that were guarding a dead, dark stalker.

And the party found a one-armed drilling construct! Too bad the monster entry does not list the drill speed.

After the game we went to eat some Italian food, and there was a lot of RPG talk. And James volunteered to take over running the campaign! Yes! :D 👌 I rolled up a character right then and there: 12, 12, 13, 15, 16, 16. And I decided that I was going to play a human paladin with Skill Focus (diplomacy) and the Negotiator feat. Wheee!

It seems that we misplaced our trust in Stone. He took off with that spellbook we found, and we guess we’ll never know about the music box worth 200 gp he pilfered. Did he have any other party gold!?


Challenges overcome: A medium monstrous spider (CR 1), two small monstrous spiders (2 × CR ½), two dark creepers (2 × CR 3), the dark stalker boss Yuathib controlling this level (CR 4; he was cut down before he was able to say a word), damaged pulverizer automaton (CR 3), mimic (CR 4), collapsing cabinet (CR 1), spear trap (CR 2), tilt-and-tumble trap (CR 1) ⇒ ((1+1+3*3+1+2+1)*300+2*1350)5 = 1260 XP per person.

Aria: 1650 + 1440 = 3090 (Clr-1/Ftr-1 + new level)

Borg: 1650 (Ftr-1)

Fenyael: 1600 + 1440 + 50 = 3090 (Sor-2 + new level)

Zacharias: 1600 + 1440 = 3040 (Sor-2 + new level)

Wim: 625 + 1440 = 2065 (Rgr-1 + new level)

Stone: took off!!



What about the drilling construct that was going to maul us, but that we so artfully converted to our cause?


– Adrian 2007-11-07 14:21 UTC

Absolutely! :)

The MM2 days “Spd 40 ft., burrow 5 ft” – burrowing should work, I guess. It just takes twice as long because there’s a 50% chance of it not working in any given round. But it’s out of my hands now with James taking over!

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-07 16:34 UTC

What was the name of the hobgoblin in charge of the slavers?

– Adrian 2007-11-12 20:14 UTC

I think the mimic said it was a guy called Kazmojen or some such.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-12 22:53 UTC

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