2007-11-09 Fonts

I just realized that my Mac Mini does not offer the Garamond and Bookman Old Style fonts that I’ve been using for my CSS. These two fonts came with Mac OS 10.3 but seem to be lacking in Mac OS 10.4.

Furthermore, when I copy the Garamond font file ont the Mac Mini and install the font, it seems to have no effect on Firefox: The font was installed as a user but remains inaccessible. What’s going on? I found that the Baskerville R looks a bit like the Garamond R... I don’t like the overall structure, however. At the screen resolution I’m using various character seem darker than the others. Gah! What am I to do?

I decided to switch from Baskerville to Cochin as a second-best. But I want my Garamond back!

Googling for some references, I found a little essay on typographer Matthew Carter who designed Georgia, Helvetica, Mantinia, Miller, Nina, Olympian, Sophia, Tahoma, Verdana, Alisal, Auriol, Bell Centennial, Cascade Script, Big Caslon, New Century Schoolbook, Shelley Script, Skia, Snell Roundhand Script, Bitstream Charter, Cochin, ITC Galliard, and Gando. [1]


Grr. I installed a static web page to test this. [2]



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