2007-12-02 iTunes vs. Squeezebox

My SqueezeBox is controlled via a lousy single-line interface using the remote control, which is to say it has the usability of a mobile phone from the nineties. Or from a web interface which is pretty slow as it keeps reloading the page. Or by just picking your favorites. This works fine for some InternetRadio stations but not for others because I often get empty playlists when bookmarking ShoutCast stations. Damn.

Why can’t I use the SqueezeBox as an expensive remote speaker from iTunes? (Maybe I should have just bought an extra AirPort Express instead of a SqueezeBox.

I also don’t like how the SqueezeBox, the Tivoli radio that acts as amplifier and speaker, and the Mac Mini that serves the music have different & incompatible ways of switching them off. I think my approach to music gadgets has to be rethought.



I actually think I might have a solution to that, based on the two conversations on the SqueezeBox homepage:

I’m actually working on some AppleScript... :)

AlexSchroeder 2008-03-21 16:10 UTC

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