2007-12-16 Making Connections

The party fights Uela the goblin sorceress and her weasels in the keep’s cellar, and frees the two dwarves Torbin & Korbin. The party returns the dwarves’ treasure, unlocks the empty treasure chamber, and explored the dungeon, found the torture chamber, and finally realized that they had been down here before, coming from the other side. Down here was the realm of the ghost Vordek! (→ 2007-09-09 Vordek) And Belflin’s weasel Dog is actually one of Uela’s weasels...

Later the party fought the gelatinous cube in the court yard, eventually returned to Lord Kyle, talked to the constable about the orcs and hobgoblin, gathered information on thieves robbing Angus Carl in Twain and Tina the witch in Bostwick, more stables have been burnt down.

The party goes to talk to Crus. They exchange news of the Underdark, give him the books they had found, and he confirms sight of the green dragon that has appeared in the forest of Nin. The hours pass as they sip heavy wine sitting on the roof of his tower, looking out into the night, chatting...

Claudia asked me to make a list of open plots. Here’s what I can think of:

I’m sure I forgot a mission or two, and I deliberately left out hints you’ve seen to missions not yet discovered.


Challenges overcome:

Level 6: 1200+300+900+600 ⇒ 750 per person

Corian: 20045 + 750 + 50 = 20845 (Sor-6)

Auroleva: 19886 + 750 + 50 = 20686 (Drd-3/Clr-3)

Belflin: 19800 (Rng-6)

Karamutenga: 19070 (Brb-6)

Silas: 17450 + 750 = 18200 (Cle-6)



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