2008-01-27 Elenkar

Divination magic led the party to Twain. They were trying to figure out who was setting fire to the barns. There, they discovered that elves are setting fire to the barn! They captured them, talked to them, and the one called Corleon agreed to lead the party to their camp in the forest of Nin. On the way, unfortunately, the party was attacked by two Cockatrice, and one of them turned Corleon to stone! Needless to say, negotiations were difficult. At least the elves agreed to a ten day truce. The party has ten days to find the statue.

Pretty creepy to find that cockatrice can turn you to stone in this remote area where nobody knows how to cast Stone to Flesh… And remember that somebody told the party that there are two gorgons living in the Gaskar hills…

As for the keys, they discovered that Winifred Baum’s wife is wearing one of the keys! A present from her cheating husband...

The party also met the Minx brothers Borden & Garsen. It turns out that they found Winifred Baum’s pendant with some Crushed Skull orcs and had sold it to Tinker in Pembrose (for 500 gp), who then sold it to Regis Baum for 2000 gp... (Ok, he also had to pay Angus Carl to get it done.)

I think the characters are frustrated because both Lord Kyle and Elenkar seem to be incompetent.


Challenges overcome:

Level 7: 5250 ⇒ 1312 per person Level 6: 6300 ⇒ 1575 per person

Corian: 25157 + 1312 = 26469 (Sor-7)

Silas: 22512 + 1312 = 23824 (Cle-7)

Karamutenga: 23382 (Brb-7)

Auroleva: 20686 + 1575 = 22261 (Drd-3/Clr-3 + new level)

Belflin: 18000 + 1575 = 19575 (Rng-6)

Flax: 10000 + 1312*5/7 = 10937 (Rog-5)



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