2008-02-03 Stealing From The Dragon

The game starts with the party returning to Crus and talking to him regarding that Stone to Flesh spell for one of the elves, Corleon. Crus will order one from Reme, and in two weeks he’ll transcribe the spell and cast it for the elves. The party decides that the elves should pay for it: 1650 gp for the scroll and another 660 for the casting. (The party would have gotten the spell cast for free, being Crus’ eternal friends because of the Larin Karr books they gave him.)

Then the party returns to the elven encampment in the forest of Nin to tell Elenkar the good news, and to talk her into using a Locate Object near Greylock’s cave and near the green dragon’s cave in order to find the missing elven statue. The party thinks that these two are the two likely candidates: 1. greedy, 2. powerful, and 3. attuned to nature.

The party was warned about Greylock from the Minx brothers, Crus concurred, and Flax & Corian manage to trick farmer Tommy Bartlen into admitting that he could arrange for a meeting with Greylock, as Greylock is the guy to turn to if you need a dirty job done.

Anyway; Elenkar agrees and comes along with four snipers. The statue is located in the dragon’s cave, and Corian uses Invisibility, Fly, and Detect Magic to get himself and Belflin into the dragon’s cave (after they camped for two nights at the foot of the hill waiting for the dragon to leave again). The heist is a success, no traps are triggered, greed does not trick them into exploring the rest of the cave, and so the situation with the elves is finally resolved. Lord Kyle pays them the 2000 gp reward and that was that.

Then the party decides to venture underground again, looking for the Crushed Skull orcs. They defeat Vordek the ghost easily, they kill the infamous cloaker and take his stuff (over 3000 gp), but then their good luck has come to an end.

As they prepare their camp, an earthquake shakes the passage. The party takes cover in an alcove, and a land-shark breaks through the tunnel wall: A bullette! Corian manages to shout out a warning to his friends and Flax tries to hide behind a stone column. The bulette hesitates to attack the elves in the party and goes after Flax. Tremmorsense! Within seconds, Flax is dead, and the rest of the party only barely manages to slay the beast.

AC 22, 94 hp, and bite +16 (2d8+8) and 2 claws +10 (2d6+4). Ouch!

And with my green dice, I managed to deal 24 points of damage on a bite attack twice, too. My players felt crushed. Corian’s cohort is dead. All the newfound treasure goes into for the poor girl’s resurrection. Jeffar in Bostwick is not happy to find the party is still crawling through the Underdark. And yet she also realizes that the orcs might still be a danger to her valley and so she reluctantly casts Raise Dead. Yay!

The game session ended on a grim note!

Am I turning into a Killer DM after all? That’s three dead in recent games: Belflin, Kubo (both played by Marco), and now Flax (Corian’s cohort played by Claudia). I feel evil. :( I hope that the Crushed Skull orcs are either easy to outwit either using social skills or using clever tactics.

Cohort XP are good for XP hungry players, but somewhat weird.

Poor Auroleva: An elf multiclassing as a Druid/Cleric. Will the 10% XP penalty impact her a lot? Somebody must have analyzed the math behind those tables... My gut feeling says that it amounts to a one-level penalty as lower levels get more than 110% XP, so all it means is that she catches up slower than other people once she falls behind. In the example below the level 6 characters are getting 125% XP compared to level 7 characters


Challenges overcome:

Level 7: 1516 per person

Level 7 dragon: 1050 per person

Level 6: 1900 per person

Level 6 dragon: 1350 per person


Corian: 26469 + 1516 + 1050 = 29035 (Sor-7 + ?)

Silas: 1312 = 23824 (Cle-7)

Auroleva: 22261 + 1516 = 23777 (Drd-3/Clr-3 + ?)

Karamutenga: 23382 (Brb-7)

Belflin: 19575 + 1900 + 1350 = 22825 (Rng-6 + ?)

Flax: 10937 + (1516+1050)*5/7 = 12769 ⇒ 8000 (Rog-4)



Good write-up, again, Alex. I like the name Corleon for an elf. Reminds me of the Godfather movies, so now I’ve got the image of an elven mafioso in my head.

Bulettes are tough and easily under-estimated critters that can do a surprising amount of damage in a very short space of time, especially with the Leap attack. Anything that can do 4 attacks per round isn’t to be sniffed at. Good monsters, Bulettes. Fun to GM too, I find.

I don’t think you qualify as a Killer DM just yet. PCs are still standing :)

GreyWulf 2008-02-03 23:15 UTC

Yeah, two of the three aforementioned deaths occurred because of luck of the dice. Only Kubo San was really set up to die by the DM.

But it goes to show the difference that luck can make to a game. Alex isn’t critting us much, but he rolls consistently over 10, and twice last session rolled max damage on 2d8. I on the other hand aren’t rolling many ones either, but I’m consistently rolling under 10. <:)

I wrote a song about an evil DM once. Wasn’t half bad either. Perhaps I should bring my guitar along sometime and tell you just how I feel. :)

– Marco 2008-02-04 07:22 UTC

Yes, please, Marco: sing us a song! :D

zeno 2008-02-04 08:16 UTC

Marcel reminds me...

☠ Myung (Level 4) – his body got burned by his comrades for fear of zombies ☠ Aurin (Level 9) – resurrected by Muzitani Tsutomu, high priest of the Fudo oracle ☠ Takeo (Level 9) – resurrected by Katsuko, priestess of Fudo, but he left the party anway ☠ Azzam (Level 8) – adventure rebooted... ☠ Belflin (Level 6) – resurrected by Jeffar, priestess of Freya ☠ Kubo (Level 11) – resurrected by the demon lord Pazuzu ☠ Flax (Level 5) – resurrected by Jeffar, priestess of Freya

AlexSchroeder 2008-02-04 11:39 UTC


...resurrected by Muzitani Tsutomu, high priest of Fudo ...resurrected by Katsuko, priestess of Fudo ...resurrected by Jeffar, priestess of Freya ...resurrected by Pazuzu, Demon Lord

Kubo San rocks.

– Marco 2008-02-04 12:16 UTC

...and I hope, this makes you dance even better tonight.

zeno 2008-02-04 14:04 UTC

A bulette? It seams to me that this monster is crossing our way more often lately. I’m whishing though Krel could have slashed his greatsword into the beast. Two hits might have been enough :-)

– Mircea 2008-02-12 14:32 UTC

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