2008-02-14 More Roleplay

Who would have thought that it is possible to change a life within a year! November 2006 I started with roleplaying games. And now I must be averaging two or three games a week.

This Friday I’ll be playing a swashbuckler in a Forgotten Realms campaign.

Coming Wednesday I’ll start a Burning Wheel campaign via Skype with two other players. I was inspired by the SonsOfKryos podcast about using Burning Wheel and Skype. The hateful orc thread on RPG.net finally convinced me that I had to give BurningWheel a try.

Update – things to remember:

I don’t think we need a shared battlemap. [3] [4]



I would have thought there’s only so much roleplaying that one man can take, but it seems not to be true.

You so kerazy.

– Marco 2008-02-15 07:25 UTC

There’s a thread on EN World called How Long Can You DM?. I still remember that 10h Gallery of Evil (→ 2007-12-24 Gallery of Evil) session. Some highlights from the EN World thread:

Thanks to Cialis I can DM all night long... – Shadeydm [1]

We did take a brief break after about 16 hours to grab some food from the K-Mart at the end of the road, but we were so into the game that the players insisted on going to the shop in marching order and remaining in-character throughout. Bizarre. – Mark Hope [2]

AlexSchroeder 2008-02-16 14:20 UTC

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