2008-04-08 Temptation – Spirit of the Century

I keep thinking about Spirit of the Century by Evil Hat Productions. It’s a game that uses the Fate rules, and Fate is essentially Fudge. I was in love with Fudge in the days when all we had was Gopher servers and Usenet... I think. I don’t really remember any details. I reviewed Gatecrasher by Grey Ghost Press on 1998-01-06. [1] Ok, maybe we did have the web by by then. But still. I wrote that over ten years ago... Time flies.

Anyway, Fudge, Fate, open gaming... Fate 1.0 apparently was a particular rule set based on the Fudge toolkit, Fate 2.0 was a rewrite using the {OGL Open Gaming Licence}, and Fate 3.0 was used for Spirit of the Century. And with that, we’re finally back on topic!

I was considering buying Spirit of the Century. But I don’t think I’d find enough people around here interested in trying a Fudge game. That’s why I’ve been able to resist temptation. USD 30 for the 420 page softcover and PDF + USD 16 for shipping... Yikes!

But wait, there is a Spirit of the Century SRD available. You can also get it as a PDF from the Fate RPG download page. The version by Abrahm Simons uses a two column layout. Very nice.

What I’ll do is browse the SRD, think about it, check to see whether anybody is interested, wait a little, and figure out what to do.

Open gaming rocks.

If only shipping weren’t so expensive.



I was in the same position a while ago. I’d love to run an SoTC game, but convincing players to deviate from d20 is a real challenge. It’s D&D, d20 Modern or nothing these days :) I think FUDGE’s openness frightens people. Wonder where I’ve heard that before..........

Reading through the rulebook, it’s great and very evocative of the setting. If you can get the players on board, I say go for it. Wish I was there to join in!

greywulf 2008-04-08 22:37 UTC

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