2008-05-17 Street Kings and Definitely Maybe

I went to see Street Kings (2008) and Definitely Maybe (2008) with a good friend of mine. We always have a hard time picking movies to see because our tastes are so different. Obviously I think I have excellent taste, thus she must have ... a different taste. ;)

Both movies were ok entertainment. Neither movie was worth paying CHF 18 per person (about USD 18 at the moment). Better to join a DVD sharing arrangement at work or via a local association.

Definitely Maybe had a child that was way too wise. This plot element – providing spontaneous insight from the perspective of a child – doesn’t really work for me. I have a demystified view of children, I guess.

Street Kings had a predictable plot about LAPD corruption. It’s scary to realize that so many movies are made about police corruption that it is probably true. I also didn’t like the premise that sometimes we need cops that operate outside the law in order to uphold the law. This is a slippery path to take. I hate it if checks and balances in our political system are cast as random obstacles. They are necessary obstacles to prevent us from turning into the very thing we’re fighting against. Because if we do, “winning” has no value.

Update: Later I watched The Hidden Blade (2004). That was a good movie. I liked other Yōji Yamada movies, too. These I recommend wholeheartedly. ;)



Yeah, the Hidden Blade was great. It’s got something for everybody. ;)

– Marco 2008-05-20 10:03 UTC

There are three movies:

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