2008-05 Book Club

Second Meeting in May

What: Sky Burial by Xinran.

When: Wednesday May 28, 19:00 @ Hotel Glockenhof courtyard

Nanda: “I read Good women of china a few years ago and it was great. She has a new book out Miss chopsticks but that’s not available in small paperback yet. [...] It’s been quite a while since we’ve read a Chinese book....” The book on Amazon. Supporters: Nanda.

First Meeting in May

What: American Gods by Neil Gaiman – modern fairy tale stuff. Neil Gaiman is famous for his Sandman comics.

When: Tuesday May 6, 19:00 @ Starbucks.

Wikipedia: American Gods, Neil Gaiman. First proposed in September 2007. Supporters: Alex, Nanda, Uli, Arantza, Chrissie.



I liked American Gods. It was the first thing I read by Neil Gaiman (the only other thing I’ve read is the far more whimsical Good Omens, written by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) and I liked the eclectic mix of his modern mythology.

– Adrian 2008-02-28 08:31 UTC

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