2008-06-21 Fool’s Gold

The party gained access to the white key by talking to the Regis’ couple, promising them to either return the diamond, or pay 10k. Unfortunately the party was attacked by an elder xorn at the entrance and Silas was killed. He was subsequently raised by Jeffar in Bostwick, but that put a little dampener on the players. And on top of that, Nic announced that he preferred playing board games and was going to quit the game! Oh well... Thus, Silas will be quitting the game.

The party then made a second entry, explored tunnels, and finally found some treasure. When trying to sell it to Angus Carl in Twain, however, it turns out that it’s all enchanted copper and glass beads! Damn! Fooled by Larin Karr...


Challenges overcome: Elder xorn CR 8, two wraiths CR 5, pit trap CR 2.

Corian: 39030 + 843 = 39873 (Sor-9)

Belflin: 38237 + 843 = 39080 (Rng-9)

Auroleva: 35438 + 1075 = 36513 (Drd-4/Clr-5)

Silas: 31985 + 1075 = 33060 (Cle-8)

Flax: 13118 + 843*5/9 = 13586 (Rog-5)

New level for Auroleva!



I thought they gave us the gems as a ’gift of good will’ in the hope that we would return the ’good will’, should we happen to encounter upon a certain green dragon that has started making trouble in the area.

Marco 2008-06-21 08:16 UTC

Claudia agrees with you.

But Regis will remember the following:

  1. They handed over the diamond because you’re helping the people in the valley.
  2. When they asked you to kill the green dragon in addition to doing whatever you were going to do, you declined and said that maybe you would do it, if they were appropriately helpful.
  3. Then they gave you the diamond to use for whatever you wanted to use it for.
  4. You promised to either return the diamond, or replace it if you cannot. The price for replacement would be 10’000 gp.

Claudia maintains that we spent a lot of time on discussing the last point (#4). I continue to believe that we talked a long time about whether you should promise to kill the green dragon or not (#2).


I’m hearing Corian threatening the poor guy already.

AlexSchroeder 2008-06-21 21:59 UTC

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