2008-06-26 Partitions

Remember the 1TB external hard disks I started using for my Backup recently? I did all the backup stuff from the Mac Mini, because I hadn’t used the iBook in a long time. Recently I started working with the laptop again, and so today I decided I need to make a backup.

I connected the external disk to be greeted with a message saying that my Mac OS 10.3 (the iBook hasn’t upgraded from Panther to Tiger) cannot read the disk.

<insert various four letter words here>!!!!

If I change the disk type I’m sure that all the data will be lost. Redoing the backups from the Mac Mini will take about four hours of copying. It can run unattended, but it’s a bother either way. Or I can do backups via the Mac Mini using SSHFS.


I need a free tool that will change the partition type from “new Mac whatever it is” to “old Mac whatever it is”.



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