2008-08-06 Retro Clones

Well, somebody asked the question on EN World: Retro-clones - explain?

And Philotomy Jurament has a very nice answer [1]:

Thanks, Philotomy!

I’ve played LL before (→ 2008-04-20 Palace of the Silver Princess) and decided at the time that I didn’t like it because of the high attrition rate. My hope is that the next time I run an old-school one-shot I’ll be using one of the adventures that actually made it into the various best-of lists out there. [2] [3] [4]

When I started my current gaming in late 2006 I used GreyWulf’s M20 rules – they are basically D&D 3E (very!) light rules, not a true retro game. Then again, at least one person has rewritten these rules to be more old-school resulting in M74.



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