2008-08-07 Fight On

I got my first two issues of Fight On today. I like them! It makes me want to pull out my M20 Hard Core rules and start playing.

I also realized that my mapping skills with Inkscape are probably not so bad after all. Maybe I should submit some maps? My maps are easy to reproduce on black and white. Perhaps I should contact some of the authors and submit maps? Or contact the publisher and editor, Ignatius Ümlaut. (I wonder whether that’s his real name.)

Perhaps I should submit some of my maps I have on Flickr?

Also, things I wanted to add regarding the magazines themselves:

I really like the print quality. It’s black and white on the inside, with lots of text. It has little dungeons, wilderness maps, trait tables for dwarves (issue #1) and elves (issue #2) to use as inspiration for your own games, magic items, short interviews, reports on gaming in the 70s, and black and white art. It’s not professional – I think the art gives it away – but the amateur approach also has its charm. And I like the fact that this is overt: No glossy covering up. No, this is by gamers for gamers, with no art budget.

We who read and write for this magazine are a community of role-playing enthusiasts unified by our love of the freewheeling, do-it-yourself approach that birthed this hobby back in the 1970’s. – Ignatius Ümlaut, Publisher and Editor [1]

Anyway, the nice quality makes me want to switch my Kobold Quarterly subscription from PDF to print.

Another thing I noticed. You know me: I’m always interested in prices, shipping, etc. On 2008-07-28 First Lulu Order I wrote about the shipping cost: $10.06. Imagine my surprise when the magazines arrived via UPS! The delivery man said it himself: This would have cost around USD 200 if sent from Switzerland. This is amazing. They must have either a. made an expensive mistake, or b. have excellent purchasing agents.



I vote yes. Submit away! :)

greywulf 2008-08-07 22:28 UTC

What’s the reason UPS should have cost $200(US) and not $10(US)?

AaronHawley 2008-08-08 16:55 UTC

Because there’s a person driving a druck to your door to pick it up, and a person driving a druck to the recipient’s door. I went to the UPS website and used the following information: From Switzerland to Spain (providing the appropriate zip codes), 0.35 kg, declared value EUR 20 (all taken from their invoice) and got two quotes:

The exchange rate between CHF and USD is about 1:1 at the moment. While not as expensive as my estimate, this is still far more expensive than your estimate.

Assuming this was not an error by Lulu, I can think of the following explanations:

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