2008-09-09 Emacs for OSX 10.3

I recently downloaded Emacs 22.3 and tried to build it from source. Too bad it didn’t work out of the box.

ld: usrlib/gcc/darwin/3.3/libgcc.a(_fixunssfdi.o) illegal reference to symbol:

_cmpdi2 defined in indirectly referenced dynamic library usrlib/libgcc_s.1.dylib##

Too bad I don’t even understand the error message. The only C project I ever did involved a PBEM (GermanAtlantis). I stopped maintaining that a looong time ago.

Am I the only one still using Mac OS 10.3?

Well, I’m also a user of Mac OS 10.4 (”Tiger”) and unfortunately the CarbonEmacsPackage no longer provides up-to-date packages for old copies of OSX.

Some time ago I built libpng and have it in my usrlocal tree. But Emacs’ .configure did not find it. Weird. I tried all sorts of stuff. But then I finally decided to just go ahead and build it using ./configure --enable-carbon-app. And it worked. And Emacs was able to open PNG and JPEG files. Apparently the Carbon configuration doesn’t need the external libraries.


My Mac OS 10.3 build problem remains unresolved.



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