2008-09-22 Some Paizo GameMastery using M20 HC coming up

We had a talk about the impeding end of our Kurobano And The Dragons campaign. We started with the Kitsunemori setting and M20 rules, switched to D&D 3.5, played through the Tomb of the Forgotten King, Red Hand of Doom, Guardians of Dragonfall, and lots of little homebrew encounters. And we’re ready for a change. I’m ready for a change.

So I talked about M20 Hard Core, on how I hoped to change our game style because individually we all agreed on mistakes we made: Too much shouting, rules, magic items, spell lists, and buffs at the table, lots of arguing – just to name a few. I’m hoping that the new rules are familiar enough for us to just keep on playing but different enough to kick us out of our rut. That’s what I’m hoping for!

And today we decided on the adventures I want to run for our M20 HC playtest:

Yay!! :)

I also heard that they weren’t too keen on dungeons, so maybe I’ll have to postpone Castle Whiterock. We could play Rise of the Runelords instead!

But first, the M20 Hard Core playtest using the two GameMastery modules.

I’m looking forward to it.

I think I need to prepare a little list of in-game replacements for prestige classes and feats – background choices that will have in-game effects.

We also talked about character creation. I thought about the following:

  1. Roll 3d6 in order.
  2. Roll 3d6 and decide what to assign it to after each roll.
  3. Roll 3d6 and assign at will.
  4. Roll 4d6, drop lowest, and assign at will.
  5. Roll 4dF (Fudge dice) and use as your bonus (ignore the actual score).
  6. Point buy.
  7. Everybody picks their own stats.

I liked #2. One player liked #1. The others seemed to favor point buy. Oh well. I’ll have to think of a good point buy method.

I gave the monster list I have to one of the players who was interested in the numbers. I already talked about some of the rules with another player interested in them. I’m happy to see that things finally get going.



Zum Thema auf dem - Total Party Kill Blog gab es gerade eben einen Artikel zum Thema: Point Buy - oder Würfeln?

AlexSchroeder 2008-09-23 14:04 UTC

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