2008-10-05 w3m for OSX

I’m trying to build w3m on my Mac Mini. It requires pkg-config and gc. pkg-config was not a problem. I had some more issues with gc. I tried 7.1, the latest from CVS, and the latest stable version, 6.7. Only the stable version compiles without errors!

The strange part about w3m is that it comes with cookies disabled! To edit this wiki using w3m make sure you enable cookies in w3m! Hit o for options and check for the following:

Cookie Settings

Enable cookie processing                           (*)YES  ( )NO
Print a message when receiving a cookie            (*)YES  ( )NO
Accept cookies                                     (*)YES  ( )NO

Otherwise you will have to keep answering the questions!

Gah, what a waste of time. I needed to go through all this just to answer somebody’s question regarding w3m and Oddmuse. :(

Update: Now that I have it, I want to use it some more. But I find that my display gets garbled every now and then. As if Terminal.app could not handle non-ASCII characters and added extra spaces or control characters. Gah!



Unless you specifically wanted to test w3m under OSX, I’d recommend using a VM and a linux image. Vmware Fusion is pricey, but methinks there are other free vm engines.

I have fusion, and keep a linux image handy for trying out such things.

AadityaSood 2008-10-10 06:51 UTC

Hm, interesting point. Then again, I feel likt it ought to work and I’m having this geek urge to figure out why it doesn’t work as advertized!

AlexSchroeder 2008-10-10 11:29 UTC

Actually, I’m giving emacs-w3m a try now. It really looks spiffy!

AlexSchroeder 2008-10-10 11:42 UTC

Ah, I think the problem is that not only is w3m not interested in remembering cookies – emacs-w3m is just as reluctant!

(setq w3m-use-cookies t)

AlexSchroeder 2008-10-10 11:52 UTC

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