2008-10-25 Lulu Wishlist

I don’t know when my attitude started to shift. I think it happened when I realized that I wasn’t reading my Kobold Quarterly from beginning to end. I realized: PDF is cool if I want to skim a product to see whether I’d like to use it at the table; but if I wanted to use something at the table, I need it in print. I bought some PDF products from Necromancer GamesTomb of Abysthor and The Lost City of Barakus – and discovered that I’ll have a very hard time running these games without having them available in print. Damn!

Then I bought Fight On I & II from Lulu in print and was delighted. This looks good! I decided to switch my Kobold Quarterly subscription to print.

What else should I get from Lulu these days?

I’m also browsing the list of Necromancer Games products [1] and adding stuff to my [AdventureWishlist wishlist]. I should do some serious Ebay searching a few weeks from now...




Your wishlist almost exactly matches mine.

I would recommend the Phoenix Barony as well!

Zachary 2008-10-25 21:43 UTC

I knew I had forgotten something! Thank you for reminding me.

AlexSchroeder 2008-10-25 23:02 UTC

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