2008-12-15 Pornography

People get worked up about pornography – the pictures, the corruption of our youth, the disgusting aspects of it, etc. What I hate, however, is that here in Switzerland a newspaper kiosk will have computer magazines and gaming magazines somewhere on knee level, and just above it, on eye level, naked women, quickies, anal offerings, and other interesting details. Whenever I want to buy my beloved gaming magazine, I have to stare at porn.

I should add a picture.

It reminds me of my Spam folders. Reading the subject lines is already an insult.



Admit it, you posted this only to have a ’Porn’ tag! :)

RadomirDopieralski 2008-12-15 20:03 UTC

Hahaha! :)

AlexSchroeder 2008-12-15 22:33 UTC

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