2009-01-30 RPG Podcast Recommendations Wanted

What am I to do? As I look at my podcast list, I find that there aren’t many new shows available from the feeds I am subscribed to. Any recommendations?

Currently my favorite regular shows are

Too bad Sons of Kryos has switched to video – I can’t watch a video while walking to train stations, shopping, or doing the dishes. The podcast was excellent. If you haven’t listened to them, go back through their archives.

Far too rare are episodes from the Green Ronin Publishing Podcast and from 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction. Those two are excellent!

Have Games, Will Travel is only producing very short episodes these days. The Voice of the Revolution doesn’t update often, but it’s a nice peek into the Indie world for me.

I am still subscribed to Midnight’s Lair but I hardly remember what they are about anymore. That’s how rare episodes must be. Pulp Gamer Inside Track is interesting, even if episodes are rare. And there are only so many interviews I can handle.

Dark Whispers is not producing any more shows, apparently. The Kobold Quarterly feed is not really meant for podcasts.

I unsubscribed from the Tome Show because it was going all 4E on me, I unsubscribed from Gamer’s Haven because I felt the signal to noise ratio was not good enough, I unsubscribed from the Digital Front because the topic was rarely something I cared about, and I unsubscribed from the Godzilla Gaming Podcast but I no longer remember why.

Anything I should try? I’m also interested in lectures on ancient history and the medieval ages, if there’s anything like the 12 Byzantine Rulers out there.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Or post them on your blog (and make sure your blog is listed on RPG Bloggers).



For history podcasts, there are two that I highly, HIGHLY recommend.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg is a BBC radio programme that podcasts its most recent episode and the rest can be listened to on line.

The History of Rome is an ongoing (thankfully, after a long break) following the—you guessed it—history of Rome from its mythical founding. It’s up to Caesar now, and Mike Duncan somehow delivers an interesting, fresh and usually amusing episode almost every single time. It’s really amazing.

For game podcasts, check out the Podgecast.

Fraser 2009-01-30 14:18 UTC

Thank you for the recommendations. Checking them out right now.

AlexSchroeder 2009-01-30 14:29 UTC

I like Fear the Boot, which you already listen to, and I also like All Games Considered.

Tony Roberson 2009-01-30 14:45 UTC

Thanks. Subscribed to that one, as well. :)

AlexSchroeder 2009-01-30 16:28 UTC

Have you tried Ryan Macklin’s Master Plan or Clyde Rhoer’s Theory from the Closet? I’ve also started listening to the TrapCast. They are and talk mostly about 4e and PbP, but entertaining.

Crater 2009-01-31 00:48 UTC

Well, I’m quite a consumer of gaming podcasts myself and agree with several of your current shows (being the Host of the unsubscribed to Tome Show). I would wonder what sort of games your into. If you wanna stick 3e check out 3.5 Private Sanctuary. They’re great on content and 3e focused. I also have a current series focused on the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path and I have some other Paizo plans (although honestly, yeah, the Tome has gone pretty strongly 4e...about 90%, but that’s almost entirely because that’s the version of D&D that still has new books coming out more than a personal push).

Also I am fond of the Gamer’s Haven actual play series. I agree that if the content of the regular show can push a lot of noise instead of signal, but the AP gets you a good feel for a lot of different games, modules, etc. But it does require plenty of time to listen as they go quite long.

Dragon’s Landing is a good old standby as well as Pulp Gamer.

There hasn’t been an update in ages, but the content of SandD Worldbuilding 101 (Shakespeare and Dragons) archives could keep you busy for a while.

Hope that helps. Us folks in the podcasting community are generally just glad to have people listening to some of us, even if our show isn’t your cup of tea. Keep listening!

Jeff Greiner 2009-01-31 02:58 UTC

Thank you all for the suggestions. I have tried Ryan Macklin’s Master Plan and Clyde Rhoer’s Theory from the Closet but unsubscribed from both. I’m not into writing my own game, and I lost interest after my initial curiosity was satisfied. I’ll give TrapCast, 3.5 Private Sanctuary, Dragon’s Landing, and SandD Woldbuilding 101 a try. Excellent!

AlexSchroeder 2009-01-31 10:10 UTC

I’ve enjoyed several episodes of the Podgecast and I started listening to my first episode All Games Considered. The interesting part about All Games Considered is the gender ratio. As far as I can tell, there are two women and one man hosting the show. How cool is that? :)

AlexSchroeder 2009-02-02 22:28 UTC

The History of Rome has moved to my top spot. Awesome podcast! Thanks for the recommendation.

I feel that Podgecast, All Games Considered, and TrapCast are very similar in that they’re low on RPG content and full of banter and sex talk. It’s good fun – I’ve laughed on the train with people giving me queer looks, but I’m starting to feel like watching TV: They’re entertaining, but compared to The History of Rome or 12 Byzantine Rulers they don’t hold up.

AlexSchroeder 2009-04-03 10:50 UTC

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